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Rockbrook Pool
10800 West Center Road
(402) 391-9102
108th & Center    Omaha, Nebraska    (402) 391-9102

Labor Day!

It's the last day of the season! We are going out with a SPLASH this season! The water is crystal clear and heater has ensured the water will feel great from the moment you step into the pool!

We are GRILLING burgers, hot dogs, and chicken!

Concessions are "Buy One, Get One FREE"!!

Pool is open from 11AM-5PM Today!

Doggie Dip is from 5PM-6PM! Let your canine family member socialize, swim, and make new friends at Rockbrook Pool for just $5 per dog!

Interested in possibly joining Rockbrook Pool? No Pressure! You can do a TRIAL MEMBERSHIP from August 1st until Labor Day for the low pro-rated price of only $108!!! At 7 days/week and open at least 8 hours/day this price CAN"T BE BEAT for what we offer!! Read all about us and drive by to see our HUGE SLIDE, sand volleyball court,  new lounge chairs, and (of course) beautiful 6-lane pool with huge diving well!

Being a member will also entitle you to rent the pool after hours for your special celebration parties!!

Want To Join Rockbrook Pool? We Are Accepting New Members & We'd Love To Have YOU! 

Just Follow The Simple 2-Step Process Below:
(Returning members use this process as well to pay dues and update info)

1. Fill out this information for your membership
Contact Information
First Name:
Last Name:
Address Street 1:
Address Street 2:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
Email (Use link at top of this
page to be added to database):
Names of All Family Members and
and Date-of-Birth of All Minors:

Also, If the name appearing on
 your PayPal Payment is different than
listed on this Contact Info Please
 indicate that in this Comments Box.

2. Pay According To Your Membership Status

- Returning member who owns a bond and needs to pay annual dues
- Interested in trying the pool for a 1-year Trial, which does NOT require purchase of a bond.
- Desire to become a Full Member (you will need to pay dues for the year as well as make a one-time bond purchase that is returned to you if/when you want us to sell on your behalf.) 

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Pool Membership Options
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\ }

 * Please help us on a Spring Worker-Weekend for 4 hours to ready the pool each year and we will reimburse you $75 on-the-spot. (This does NOT apply to Senior Members and Trial Members)

Our Pool Community is Not-For-Profit and we exist through loyal bond-owners' annual dues. However, improvements to our facility are more easily achieved when members choose to donate additional funds to the pool's annual budget. This Paypal Donation option is here for the convenience of our members who want to give any amount above their annual dues.
THANK YOU! Every penny will be spent wisely knowing it was given from a generous heart!  :)