Rockbrook Pool is owned and operated by its membership and a volunteer board of directors. It features a heated 25-yard pool, a 14-foot deep diving area & water slide, a large baby pool area, a sand volleyball court, a sun deck, concession area, chairs & loungers, and a gazebo and grill, both of which can be reserved and rented for parties!

Our facilities are clean and well maintained, with all rules and regulations strictly enforced. The pool also offers swim team, open volleyball, and private party opportunities. It’s a very affordable solution to your summertime family needs! Join our waitlist!


Membership Options:

A Full Membership includes the purchase of a membership bond (currently $200) and makes you a part-owner of the pool. The cost of a membership bond is $200. This bond may be sold at a future date for the full purchase price, provided all annual dues, fees, and any assessments have been paid in full each year. Rockbrook Pool will even assist in the selling of your bond to a new member.

There are four types of Full Membership to Rockbrook Pool. The prices below DO include the annual *$85 maintenance fee that is completely refundable to those who volunteer for one of the two four-hour shifts offered during Worker Weekend. Select your membership from the best option for you:

  • Individual/Dual Adult Membership – Up to 2 adults living in the same household that are 18 to 55 years of age.  Annual dues of $375 ($290 + $85 annual maintenance fee)
  • Family Membership We define family as up to 2 adults that are 18 to 55 years of age with dependent children living in the same home. Dependent children are those under 19 or under 24 if a full time student or any age if disabled. Annual dues of $440 ($355 + $85 annual maintenance fee).

Caregiver / Nanny Fee: $40 non-family member of a current bond holder who will take the child(ren) to the pool during the 2023 season. A nanny is only able to use the pool when the bond members child(ren) are present with the nanny.

  • Senior Membership – 55 years of age and better and includes your spouse if he/she is also 55 or better.  Annual dues of $290. The Maintenance Fee of $85 is waived as a courtesy for our seniors’ service over the years.
  • Grandparent Family Membership – Defined as up to 2 adults 55 and better who may list up to five grandchildren (no older than 18 years of age) on the membership. These grandchildren (mercifully) do not need to live in the home of their grandparents. The children may participate on swim team. Parents MUST pay a guest fee when visiting the pool. Grandchildren not listed on the membership and Parents MUST pay standard guest fee. Annual dues of $440 ($355+ $85 annual maintenance fee).